by Ojo Taylor

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released June 1, 1988

Written, Arranged, Produced & Performed by Ojo Taylor
Engineered by Ojo & Eugene
2nd Engineers - Glenn Holland and Dave Hackbarth
Recorded at Neverland Studios, Los Alamitos, CA
Congas on "Moment of Your Time" Recoded at Pakaderm Studios, Los Alamitos, CA by Mike Mierau
Edited and Mastered at Hitsville by John Matousek
Photography by Brian Ray for Norman Fog
Drawings by Benjamin Taylor
Art Direction by Norman Fog, etc...
Thank you: Dave & Derri from Neverland, Barry Hill, Mike Mierau, Paul Valadez, Artie Dison, Randy, Pete and Pat from The Guitar Store, & Brainstorm.
Special thanks to the musicians and singers who participated and respectfully contributed their interpretations of each song. They are my friends. I deeply regret that geography prevented Jim Chevalier from being a part of the project.
The album is dedicated to Benjamin, Joseph, Jillian, Jacob and now Savanna Taylor. Did I ever tell you that I love you so?
All Songs © 1988 B-1 Music, ASCAP
℗ & © 1988, Ojo Taylor. All Rights Reserved



all rights reserved


Ojo Taylor Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: (Give Me) A Moment of Your Time
Doing battle for my soul
On a mission, so I'm told
Hope to change the world and save the masses
Justifying personal trespasses

I've heard it all before
I won't listen anymore
When I need you, really need you
Will you give me a moment of your time

Another year a new crusade
Another crazy escapade
Will you ever look me in the eye?
Do you see the people when you look up in the sky?
Track Name: Animals and Trees
The wind is up at 3 AM
The power's down till God knows when
A candle does a minuet
Moving shadows, silhouettes
Silence please
All the world is on its knees
Mother Earth will have her say
Mother Earth will have her way

And then to me she softly speaks
In screaming silence, mysteries
Of Long ago and far away
The world had always lived this way
Somehow I know
She points her finger at my soul
I'm a child left all alone
I'm an orphan without a home

The television, blind and dumb
The window beckons me; I come
I see animals and trees,
I catch a glimpse of mystery
Progress though will soon return
To steal that which I have learned
And ridicule the candle's flame
Tomorrow all will be the same
Track Name: Sha Nu Mi
The warriors are prepared to resist
Yellow Bird blows on an eagle bone whistle
A gun is drawn, a swift reply
The ghost dance and the last hope die

Those who fell to the white man's lies
Must not lose the fire that burns in their eyes
The voices of thousands who struggled and died
Must soon rise in judgment of white genocide

The warriors left to freeze in the snow
Dignity here lies buried in snow
Four babies, after three days found
Bury my heart, alive in the ground!
Track Name: The Fire Rising
Well I can see the fire rising
It's getting stronger all the time
And I beat upon my breast.
Track Name: The Witch Hunt
Well you've seen the light
And everything seems alright
Take a step to the right
Now you can join the fight
Take up your arms
It's us against them
We really mean no harm
We are just here to condemn

With a crack of the whip
The witch hunt is on
Shoot from the hip
Until the evil is gone
Hatred and anger
Commission received
From a babe in a manger
His life is misconceived.
Track Name: Give Your Children Wisdom
Many peoples, many tongues
Many ideologies
We learn when we are young
Many cultures, many lands
Why must we judge the things
That we don't understand

Will you give your children wisdom?
Will you teach us how to love?

If we kneel down and pray
And ask you every day
Will you give your children wisdom
To live in peace today?
If I kneel down and pray
And ask you everyday
Will you teach me to love
And help me learn the peaceful way?
Track Name: He Fell in the Water
There they go
See how the children grow
One day I'll see
If any ghosts come back to torment me

Tomorrow's tears
I missed today the ones that I hold dear
Boys turn into men
And never seem to have the time again

Please don't go!
Did I tell you that I love you so?
No, please don't go!
Did I ever show you that I love you so?
Track Name: Love In Wonder
Come and sit beside me now
The day is growing dim
Rest your troubled soul and fall
Into my arms again
Close your eyes and dream with me
A dream of time and space
Dream away tomorrow
And the fears that you embrace

Close your eyes
Dream away
Dream in wonder
Follow peace
Dream of love
Love in wonder

I will sit beside you
When your eyes are growing dim
Hold your hand and kiss you
Take you in my arms again
Close your eyes and dream with me
Dream until the end
When time is all that matters
I will still be with you then.