The Witch Hunt

from by Ojo Taylor

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Under the lyrics on this track I cited the Bible, Luke 9:51-55, having to do with the disciples' desire to call fire down from heaven to destroy those who did not welcome Jesus. I wrote, "Christian militarism must end. My most difficult battle is against myself; not other people or the world. Where God Rules, peace reigns." It's strange, or maybe not, surprising at least that in 26 years this is still an active issue.

Shortly after the record we released, I got a call from an executive at Word Records who told me there was a chain of Christian bookstores who took the album off their shelves because of this song. It had to do with the word "misconceived." They thought I meant that the birth of the babe in a manger was ill-conceived, a mistake somehow. I simply asked the guy from Word if he happened to look the word up in the dictionary because it means "misunderstood." He said he had not, and when he relayed this to the music buyer at the retail stores, the record went back up on the shelves. More CCM industry silliness, highlighting how much and how often "artists" (if we can call ourselves that with a straight face for bowing down to this bullshit), have to compromise and hold their tongues.


Well you've seen the light
And everything seems alright
Take a step to the right
Now you can join the fight
Take up your arms
It's us against them
We really mean no harm
We are just here to condemn

With a crack of the whip
The witch hunt is on
Shoot from the hip
Until the evil is gone
Hatred and anger
Commission received
From a babe in a manger
His life is misconceived.


from Relative, released June 1, 1988
Lead Vocal: Mike Knott
Guitar: Marky Schrock & Ojo
Guitar Solo: Marky Schrock
Additional Percussion: Nathan Alford
BGV: Gary Olson, Dave Hackbarth, Annica Svensson



all rights reserved


Ojo Taylor Los Angeles, California

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